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A Two-Way Street: Better Relationships with your Manager

You may think that your relationship with the manager is one-sided. Developing a Productive Relationship With Your Manager is a Two-Way Street. Here are some ways you can improve your relationship and create a positive working environment with your manager.

Data According to Dale Carnegie Training’s study, 80% of employees who are happy with their managers also like their jobs. Only 39% of employees dissatisfied with their managers are happy with their jobs.

Use case: Sarah, a software developer, has difficulty building a positive working relationship with Alex. She believes Alex does not listen to her, ignores her concerns, and criticizes her work. Sarah feels demotivated and disengaged from her job. Sarah recognizes that she must take the initiative to improve her relationship with Alex. She decides to follow the steps below:

  1. Clarify Expectations Sarah arranges a meeting to discuss her goals, preferences, and concerns with Alex. She gives examples of projects she enjoyed working on and areas she wants to improve. Alex listens to Sarah and provides feedback that aligns with her goals.
  2. Communicate Effectively Sarah realizes she must communicate with Alex more effectively. She makes a conscious effort to listen to Alex, ask questions if she’s unsure, and give feedback that is professional and respectful. Sarah’s better communication with Alex helps to build a positive relationship.
  3. Take initiative: Sarah offers to take on a project that is aligned with her skills and interests. She actively updates Alex on her progress and seeks his feedback. Sarah’s initiative shows her dedication to her job and desire to develop.
  4. Build trust: Sarah is responsible for her work, and she delivers results of high quality. She acknowledges her mistakes and asks for feedback to help improve. Alex trusts Sarah to take on independent projects in the future because of her reliability.
  5. Seek professional development: Sarah actively seeks opportunities for professional growth, such as attending training programs or seeking mentorship. She shares with Alex her experiences and shows her commitment to professional growth.

Building a productive relationship is a two-way street. You can build a positive working environment by improving your relationship with your boss. This includes clarifying expectations, communicating well, building trust, taking initiative, and pursuing professional development. A positive relationship with your boss can have an impact on your job engagement and satisfaction.



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